Hello Camp Saint Andrew’s!

Whether you’re a camper getting ready to join us, or a parent learning more about our program, here is some helpful information that we hope will prepare you for the best week of the year.

Important Dates

  • Our ENROLLMENT DEADLINE is July 1. All four registration steps must be completed by this date or you risk losing your place to someone on the waiting list.

  • CAMPER CHECK-IN is Sunday, July 25, 2020 at 7:00 am in the Saint Andrew’s Church parking lot.

  • CAMPER PICK-UP is Saturday, August 1, 2020 at around 2:00 pm in the Saint Andrew’s Church parking lot.

  • SCARF SUNDAY is August 2, 2020 and takes place at the 10:00 am service in Saint Andrew’s Church. All are welcome as we celebrate our week with camp songs. Wear your camp shirt and Scarf!

What to expect at camp

When you arrive at camp you’ll get some lunch with your new counselor and cabin-mates before settling in and taking a tour of the camp to learn where everything is. The next day after breakfast and Chapel you’ll follow your camp schedule and go to all of the activities, trying them out before being able to choose your favorites to return to with your cabin over week. Each day while you do arts and crafts or practice archery, there will be unique events and games that make each day special. At night, it’s time for Campfire, then off to bed to tell stories in your cabin.

You’ll make good friends, maybe get a scarf, see some crazy stuff, and before you know it, it will be time to come home and tell your old friends what great time you had. And we’ll see you next year for the best week of the year.

What to Bring

Check out our packing list to be well-prepared for camp. It’s a list everything you’ll need to enjoy your time with us.

And don’t forget our theme this year is Storybook Fairy Tales, which means we’ll be putting on our red riding hoods and climbing giant beanstalks as we dress up all week like our favorite storybook and fantasy characters to explore a magical land. If you have inexpensive hats or costumes that you think might fit our theme, please bring them.

General Tips

  • Camp is better when you get letters! Phone calls are discouraged so letters from home are a great way for campers to feel connected to care‐givers while they are away and are an excellent way to help with homesickness. For at-camp delivery, be sure to send your letters by Tuesday.

    Our mailing address at camp is: Camp Saint Andrew’s, c/o Camp Oski, PO Box 1157, Pinecrest, CA 95364

  • Document each medical need and provide all medication. Keep your camper’s medical form up to date and give all their medications to the camp nurse when checking in at the bus to camp. Campers will meet with the Nurse when appropriate to receive their medications.

In Case of Emergency

While camp is in session, you can reach us in the following ways:

  • For emergencies only, you can call us at camp: 408‐568‐8025 and ask for Sue. Please limit use of this number only to urgent matters.

  • For less urgent messages call Saint Andrew’s church at 408‐867‐3493 and they will give us your message.