Traditional Summer Fun

Camp Saint Andrew’s believes in the traditions of the American summer camp and choose activities that represent that philosophy. Our campers enjoy the same  classic activities their parents and grandparents enjoyed when they went to camp. Our facility is owned and operated year round by the University of California at Berkeley Alumni Association.


Archery target shooting is exciting activity available to campers of all skills. Campers are given detailed instruction on how to hold and use a bow, aim and shoot arrow, score their shots, and how to stay safe on the range. As they improve, they’ll have opportunities to shoot from longer distances and earn certificates that commemorate their new skills.

Arts & Crafts

Our Craft Shack is stocked with a variety of arts and crafts for every campers crafting interests to make and take home. From lanyards, frames, ceramics to paint like piggy banks, pillows and bags to decorate, and clay to sculpt or make pottery – the possibilities are endless.


Campfire is the best, weirdest, grossest show ever and you and your cabin are the stars. At the end of each day, the whole camp gathers at the Papa Bear Stage for a night of sing-a-longs, love letters, ridiculous camper skits, silly costumes, terrible jokes and so much more. Over the course of the week, each cabin presents a song or skit in front of our very supportive audience, and its always a hit. We love working with campers to discover their unique qualities and show them how to be comfortable on stage long enough to share them. Campfire is always a great finish to another amazing day at camp.


At our daily chapel service, we emphasize the importance of family, caring for our friends, and treating all people with respect and kindness. These include fun songs, a short story about God and the life of Jesus, and time for spiritual reflection and sharing. All campers are encouraged to participate as they feel comfortable.


This program is a voluntary activity open to campers of all ages who are given the opportunity to fish for rainbow trout on beautiful Lake Pinecrest. Each morning, we take several boats of campers to fish and, with luck, catch trout. Even when the fishing is slow, we enjoy watching the sun rise over the lake.

Under adult supervision and using camp supplied gear, campers experience Sierra lake trout fishing, many for the first time. Whether a new or experienced fisher, the look of joy on a camper’s face when he or she catches a fish is priceless!

Friday Fun-day!

On the last full day of camp, we really pack in the fun. We start the day with a camp-made carnival where we play games, win prizes, and get our faces painted. Then in the afternoon head to the pool for swimming and the craziest fashion show of the year. Finally, you better have your dancing pants on because we end the day with unit dinner and the world-famous camp dance! No once cuts a rug like Risotto the Lost Ninja Turtle!


Our age-appropriate hikes provides campers an opportunity to be focused on the present, observe nature, and get a little exercise as they walk with their cabin in the woods. Our youngest campers explore a Mi-wuk village and learn a bit about the history of the Mi-wuk tribe. Older campers hike to the lake and are challenged to reflect on what it means to be a strong leader at camp and at home.  The only requirements are good walking shoes, an appreciation of nature, and a non-disposable water bottle.

Lake Day

On Thursday the whole camp packs up, pairs up, puts on their camp shirts and makes the mile walk to beautiful Pinecrest Lake where everyone enjoys a day at the beach playing games, going for a swim, working on their tan and enjoy a lunchtime barbecue while they look over the water.

Night Hike

One night during the week, campers will be able to go on a night hike on Star Rock. There they will hear stories and learn more about about the stars and have an opportunity to see constellations and shooting stars.

Talent Show

After trying out all week, Thursday night at Campfire is the Talent Show where any camper can perform any talent, skill, gift, or freakish ability they want to share. Last year alone we had dancers, singers, musicians, hula-hoopers, rubics cube champs, fish-eye eaters, acrobats, comedians, and double-jointed lemon eaters. You’d have to see it to believe how great a joy can be expressed by a camper successfully sharing something of themselves in front of such a loving crowd.

Spirit Award

At the beginning of the week, cabins are put into spirit units that they will be with the whole week. They do activities, write and preform cheers and build unity and spirit together. At the end of the week, the staff votes on which unit they felt had the most spirit and on Friday night, that unit is presented with the coveted spirit award and lots of bragging rights!


Everyone at camp has the opportunity to accept a personal challenge represented in different colored scarves worn around our necks. Challenges accepted at camp last long after the week is done. Each color of Scarf represents a unique challenge. For example, a first-time camper under the age of 12 can accept the challenge of the Gray Scarf: to be a good citizen and a helpful camper.



Do you like to swim? Of course you do. Everyone likes to swim. Well, you’re in luck because we absolutely have a pool and its awesome. We make sure every camper skill level is reviewed to make sure they don’t get out of their depth (Ha! Depth!) and are staffed with certified life guards who love great pool music.

Sports & Games

Sports at Camp Saint Andrews is all about inclusiveness, healthy competition, team building and of course having lots of fun! We have all sorts of different individual and team games to play while at sports.
Everything from traditional games like soccer, basketball, hockey, volleyball and lacrosse to creative games like: competitive tick tack toe, four corners, rebound soccer, and relay races. We also offer all sorts of fun individual games: bean bag toss, ring toss, inflatable bowling, and hula hoops.
Every year your camper can expect a new and exciting activity at sports.

Tie Dye

We provide the shirts and instruction and campers provide the creativity as they tie and dye their own unique shirts to take home. This year, we’re excited to add pillow cases to the items that can be dyed. Face the rainbow!