What happens if my child needs to leave camp early?2018-04-08T10:39:41-07:00

While we do our best to make sure everyone has a great time at camp, on rare occation severe homesickness or discipline can become an issue and a camper may be asked to leave early for the benefit of the child and other campers.  Regardless of the reason, early transportation from camp must be provided by the parent or guardian. The drive to our camp from Saratoga is about 3 hours.

How do campers get to the lake?2018-04-08T10:27:17-07:00

On lake days, campers walk to the Pinecrest Lake which is a short hike from our campus. When going to the lake, campers always walk in a group with their cabins and staff.

When campers participate in our fishing program, they are driven in a group with an insured staff member.

Who can attend this camp?2017-05-28T16:47:06-07:00

Children ages 8 to 15 of any denomination.

How much does camp cost?2018-11-15T16:26:02-07:00

For 2019 camper tuition is $650.00.

What are the dates for camp this year?2018-11-15T16:25:49-07:00

Camp 2019 is July 28th through August 3rd. Our annual post-camp reunion Scarf Sunday is August 4th

How religious is Camp Saint Andrew’s?2017-06-13T13:08:02-07:00

We are a Christian camp affiliated with Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church. It is not necessary for your child to identify as Christian for them to have a fulfilling camp experience. All campers are encouraged to participate as they feel comfortable in our daily chapel service. These include fun songs, a short story about God and the life of Jesus, and a spiritual reflection. We emphasize the importance of family, caring for our friends, and treating all people with respect and kindness.

Do you offer financial support?2018-11-15T16:30:11-07:00

Yes! Camperships (financial aid) are available. In fact, it’s part of our Mission. For more information please contact us.

What should my child bring to camp?2017-06-15T16:07:27-07:00

Pack clothes – shirts, pants and shorts, socks, underwear, and a hat – for 7 days (6 nights). Your child will need a warm sleeping bag, and a pillow (all of our cabins have comfy bunk beds). Please include all necessary toiletries. Closed-toed walking shoes and a reusable water bottle are essential for getting around our large campus. Bring warm clothes for cold nights, and a jacket on the slight chance that it rains.

A comprehensive packing list is available here. We highly recommend you print this out and check each item off as it is packed!

What’s the weather like?2018-11-15T16:28:54-07:00

Days are usually sunny, hot, and dry (High 80s to mid 90s F). Nights are colder (50s and 60s F). Each year there is a slim chance of rain – come prepared with a jacket. Camp is over one mile of elevation make sure your child brings a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated.

How do I register for Camp Saint Andrew’s?2017-08-21T17:50:15-07:00

Register online using the link in the menu above. If you would prefer to talk to someone, use the contact link also in the menu above.

Don’t see your question covered here?2018-02-26T19:41:05-07:00

Please let us know how we can help by contacting us here.

What are the cabins like?2017-08-21T17:43:41-07:00

We sleep in tent cabins with bunk beds. They look like this

What are the facilities like?2017-08-21T17:47:17-07:00

Camp Saint Andrew’s uses the grounds of Camp Oski which is owned and managed by the UC Berkeley Alumni Association. Here is a map of the facility. We sleep in tent cabins with close by bathrooms and showers. We have a large cafeteria where our staff and campers eat three nutritious meals a day and in addition to our many activities, we have a swimming pool and Pinecrest lake is a short hike away.

What are the activities at camp?2017-05-28T16:47:06-07:00

Arts and crafts, archery, tie-dye, sports, swimming, hiking, fishing, campfire, chapel, night hikes…and much more!

How do you handle medications at camp?2017-05-28T16:47:05-07:00

We have a full-time nurse on staff who manages and disburses medications. Make sure to put your child’s medications (including dosage, time of day, and other relevant information) on the medical form. Drop off medications to the staff checking in campers at the buses. Medications are transported to camp by adults to ensure they make it safely to the nurse. Counselors ensure that their campers visit the nurse at the appropriate time to take their medications.

What if my child gets hurt or starts to feel sick at camp?2018-04-08T10:27:23-07:00

A registered medical professional is available on our campus at all times for minor health issues and to distribute medications. A hospital and other medical facilities are available close by in Sonora for more serious emergencies.

How do campers stay safe in the pool and at the lake?2017-05-28T16:47:05-07:00

Every camper takes a swim test on the first day of camp. Trained lifeguards are present at the pool. At the lake, at least one quarter of our staff assumes the duty of watching the water.

What if my child is not a good swimmer?2017-05-28T16:47:05-07:00

Everyone takes a swim test on the first day of camp. If your child has difficulty swimming, they can play in the shallow end and on the pool steps. Counselors and staff routinely join the shallow area and lead a water game. If your child is uncomfortable entering the water at all (both at the pool and at the lake), we will provide alternative activities for them.

What if my child has dietary restrictions?2017-05-28T16:47:05-07:00

Let us know any dietary restrictions on the medical form submitted before camp. Once at camp, make sure your child speaks up at meal times to let us know what they can/cannot have.

Can my child bring their own candy or snacks to camp?2017-05-28T16:47:06-07:00

Food is very enticing to the local squirrels and other wildlife. They do not hesitate to rip through backpacks and bags to find goodies. To keep wildlife out of the cabins, please do not send any food with your child to camp.

How do you select your staff?2017-05-28T16:47:06-07:00

Each counselor submits a detailed application that is reviewed by our staff director and staff committee. All staff undergo background checks. Counselors are selected based on character, performance, and demonstrated commitment at camp during previous years. Most counselors come back year-after-year. Most of our first year counselors previously completed a two year leadership training program in their final two years as campers.

How do you train your staff?2017-05-28T16:47:06-07:00

All counselors and staff complete two full days of training. In addition to team building exercises, counselors and staff talk about communication, positive strategies to support campers, appropriate boundaries, fostering healthy relationships, and many other topics to help them learn to meet the unique needs of each of our campers.

What is the adult-to-child ratio?2017-05-28T16:47:06-07:00

We have one adult for every two campers on site. When your child is in their cabin, the ratio is between 1:2-4. Camp Saint Andrew’s practices a policy that no child is alone with an adult at any time.

What is Scarf?2017-06-13T13:10:46-07:00

Everyone at camp has the opportunity to accept a personal challenge represented in different colored scarves worn around our necks. Challenges accepted at camp last long after the week is done. Each color of Scarf represents a unique challenge. For example, a first-time camper under the age of 12 can accept the challege of the Gray Scarf: to be a good citizen and a helpful camper.

How are campers divided into cabins?2018-04-08T09:58:45-07:00

We divide our campers into cabins first by gender, then into one of three two-year groupings based on their age. Juniors are usually 8 and 9, Intermediates are usually 10 and 11, and Seniors are usually 12 and 13.

Boys and girls sleep on opposite sides of our campus. Cabins are arranged in four separate circles which are spaced out around camp. Traditionally, oldest girls are in A circle, younger girls are in B circle, younger boys are in C circle, and oldest boys are in D circle.

How many campers are in a cabin?2017-05-28T16:47:06-07:00

Each cabin typically has 4-6 campers led by 1-2 counselors.

How do I pay?2019-03-25T08:44:50-07:00

Payment is due before July 15. Payments can be made on this site you can mail a check to: Camp Saint Andrew’s, 13601 Saratoga Ave., Saratoga, CA 95070

What should my child not bring to camp?2017-06-13T12:00:00-07:00

Camp Saint Andrew’s is not responsible for the loss of belongings. This includes phones, cash, or other valuable objects. These items are not needed nor recommended. If you can’t lose it, don’t bring it.

For everyone’s safety, DO NOT BRING knives or weapons of any kind. DO NOT BRING tobacco, nicotine, drugs, or alcohol of any kind. Your child will be promptly sent home if they bring any of these items.

What is the best way to communicate with my child?2019-07-26T13:02:56-07:00

The best way to communicate with your child at camp is to send a letter. Be sure to mail them no later than Tuesday of camp ensure that they arrive before the last day of camp. Send letters to: Camp Saint Andrew’s, c/o Camp Oski, P.O. Box 1157 Pinecrest, CA 95364.

Phone calls and cell phones are discouraged at camp as they tend to make homesickness worse.

Registration Deadline2018-04-08T09:25:33-07:00

Registration are taken on a first-come, first-served basis, and our spots often fill up early. The deadline to register is June 15. If you miss the deadline, please contact the registrar to ensure that we still have space. If we are at capacity, you may be placed on our waiting list.

When do I drop my camper off for camp?2017-08-21T17:54:30-07:00

The camper check-in is on the first Sunday of camp in the Saint Andrew’s Church parking lot at 7:15am. Please refer to the Resources for Parents page for more information about this year.

When do I pick-up my camper after camp?2017-08-21T17:52:51-07:00

The buses return to Saint Andrew’s Church around 2:00PM the last Saturday of camp. Please refer to the Resources for Parents page for more information.

What is Scarf Sunday?2017-08-21T17:28:35-07:00

Join us on the first Sunday after camp as gather at Saint Andrew’s Church in Saratoga for the 10:00AM service. Campers are encouraged to wear their camp shirt and scarf. During the church service, we sing camp songs and share fun stories from our week. It’s a great way for parents and siblings to join in our fun and see what we have been up to while away at camp. Following the service, we have light refreshments and share a slideshow of pictures from camp. We hope you can join us!

When is Scarf Sunday?2018-11-15T16:26:52-07:00

On Sunday, August 4th, at 10:00AM, all campers and their families are invited to join us for church at Saint Andrew’s in Saratoga. We sing camp songs, share stories from our week, and display a slideshow with pictures of our adventures. Everyone is welcome to attend. It’s a lot of fun.

Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church
13601 Saratoga Ave
Saratoga, CA 95070

Is your camp affiliated with Camp St. Andrews in San Bruno?2018-02-26T19:46:20-07:00

Camp Saint Andrew’s: Saratoga is not affiliated with Camp St. Andrews in San Bruno. While we have may programs and alumni in common, we are separate organizations and you should make sure you are registering for the camp you intend. You can find more information about CSA SB here.

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