Packing List

These are the items and supplies that we recommend all campers and staff bring to camp. Be advised that Camp Saint Andrew’s is not responsible for the loss of your belongings. This includes personal electronics or other valuable objects so if you can’t lose it, don’t bring it to camp.

  • Clothes and Outerwear

    ◯   Socks for every day
    ◯   Underwear for every day
    ◯   T‐shirts or short‐sleeved shirts
    ◯   Shorts
    ◯   Jeans
    ◯   Warm clothes like jackets or sweatshirts
    ◯   Swim suit
    ◯   Pajamas
  • Towels & Linens

    ◯   Bath Towel
    ◯   Wash Cloth
    ◯   Beach Towel
    ◯   Laundry Bag
  • Toiletries

    ◯   Toothbrush
    ◯   Toothpaste
    ◯   Brush or comb
    ◯   Soap
    ◯   Shampoo & conditioner
    ◯   Shaving supplies
    ◯   Sanitary supplies
    ◯   Antiperspirant Deodorant
  • Supplies

    ◯   Sunscreen
    ◯   Chap-stick
    ◯   Insect repellent
    ◯   Writing paper
    ◯   Envelopes & stamps
    ◯   All Medications
  • Footwear

    Sneakers or Hiking shoes
    Sandals or Flip-Flops for the Pool
  • Bedding and Gear

    ◯   Sleeping bag
    ◯   Pillow with pillow case
    ◯   Flashlight with batteries
    ◯   Non‐Disposable Water Bottle
    ◯   Last year’s scarf
  • Spirit and Theme

    ◯   Fairy tale or fantasy clothes or other costumes
    ◯   Crazy hats or hair accessories
    ◯   Pajamas for Pajam-a-rama Breakfast
    ◯   Talent show gear like musical instruments or hula hoops

DO NOT BRING mobile phones, tablets, e-watches, or other such electronic devices.

DO NOT BRING money. You won’t need it. If you must, please no more than $10.00.

DO NOT BRING knives or weapons of any kind.

DO NOT BRING tobacco, nicotine, recreational drugs, or alcohol.